Somatic Counseling

Somatic: “the Body and Being as experienced from Within”

A transformational journey of personal discovery through a variety of somatic lens’s. In weaving many tools we explore Mind, Body, and Spirit in a journey to expand consciousness and insight for greater well-being and embodied wisdom.

What makes therapy “somatic” involves the limbic area of our brain. It is our “felt experience” system, which is different then our “cognitive” higher reasoning area. “Traditional talk therapy” has tended to be cognitively oriented, whereas somatic therapies tend to be more experientially focused.

Working with a somatic orientation brings the work into a present moment felt experience. The conscious and unconscious elements of the psyche meet our felt sense of embodiment through mindfulness-based practices. This is called “Mind- Body Holism”= the felt quality of the body and Self intrinsically connected.

Primary goals of somatically oriented therapy include embodiment of our innate “Self”, resolving fragmented “parts” from our past, re-patterning limiting core belief’s and behaviors, building internal resilience, establishing secure connection within relationship, and processing of incomplete or traumatic past experience’s. Sessions move at your pace, and often have deeply nourishing elements. This work is supported by our innate connection to the wonder of life.

The healing in this work comes from accessing your own organic inner intelligence. We are innately capable of transformation, and operating from a place of Wholeness. Everyone has the ability to feel, resolve, and move through inner and outer challenges.

Our work together is co-created for your specific goals. Every session is a unique experiential process for deep inner exploration and healing. Integration supports bringing the work functionally into your daily life.

Somatic work allows us to work with core material quickly, often in the first session. Building a long-term therapeutic relationship over time creates a safe space for exploring sensitive material with care and support.

“Trevor’s wisdom and gentle but firm counseling has proved to be truly transformative for me in both my personal and professional life. It was more than therapy. It has enabled a new way of being and of seeing myself and the world.”

John Z.
University Professor

Areas of specialties include:

• Resourcing and positive self modeling
Emotional distress
(trauma, anxiety, depression, fear, etc.)
Single event and complex trauma


• Attachment theory and relationship
• Sexuality and intimacy
• Abusive childhood and personality disorder parent

• Life purpose
• Transitional times
• Creativity and growth