About Bodywork

The 3 Principles of Embodiment

Somatically oriented bodywork is an intersection of comprehensive approach to restoring and optimizing human function.


The anatomy of the physical body


The anatomy of the physical body


All anatomy is built to move


The felt experience of our body

By incorporating bodywork with your felt sense of movement and sensory feedback during a session we can comprehensively address a wide range of issues. Hands-on work effectively resolves restricted tissue structures. The restoration of movement allows you to access awareness. My core skills are derived from osteopathic, structural integration, and injury oriented clinical bodywork .

Movement is the natural expression of healthy tissue. To generate power, we access the support of the ground and transmit it through our structure as we move in space. Our movement is both mechanical and an expression of a neurological software program of “how” we move, a uniquely “learned” skill as we grew to inhabit our body. Working with the felt experience of movement in real time facilitates “learning” how to use your body most optimally in real time. The goal is to embody change which take us towards more optimal integration.

Everyone is unique in how they perceive and organize their body in relation to the forces of the physical world, most especially gravity. Our perception of the world and our body in space defines how we function physically. Often we utilize habit driven patterned movement. These patterns overlap, becoming what we call “posture”. It is our unique internal somatic map.

Just like any language, you can always learn new words. Inside your internal vocabulary of your body, you can learn how to become more integrated. Addressing function of the body as a whole is the key to resolving pain and mobility issues.

Specialized Skills

Rolf Method Structural Integration
Myofascial & Deep Tissue Massage
Visceral Manipulation
Manual Neural Therapy
Somatic Trauma Therapy
Functional Movement Therapy