10 Series

Dr. Ida Rolf ‘s profound legacy was the development of Structural Integration. Her vision was of understanding the body much like how a carpenter looks at a building: dynamic interconnected structure relating with gravity, load bearing, organization and movement. The 10- Series is codification of her theory into a powerful transformational experience unique in the field of bodywork.

The process of The 10- Series focuses upon large global dynamic patterns while following a particular format. It is a complete systematic approach to the entirety of the body to organize and optimize function and well-being. Clients experience long-term results such as increased comfort, feeling greater balance and ease, openness and connection, enhanced performance, and overall enjoyment of their body.

The hands-on work traditionally focuses on the relationship with gravity and a strong emphasis on fascia soft tissue work. As an expansion of the classical approach of SI, Trevor’s skills include functional movement and osteopathic technique such as visceral, neural, and cranial sacral therapy.

Clients are guided via “felt experience”, working on and off the table. The use of bodywork is ultimately focusing on integrating movement with every session. Every sessions is a uniquely personalized lesson in the function of the body as a whole unit in gravity. The emphasis is on how to keep our bodies healthy, movement mechanics, and the fundamental principles of human structure. Integrative homework between sessions serves to deepen awareness and access the changes produced in the sessions.

Deep somatic work of embodying the Self, exploring the mind-body relationship, achieving high levels of presence and awareness and other elements of somatic therapy often come into The 10-Series. Psycho-emotional material which may arise is given space and met with therapeutic skills when appropriate.