Through a series of focused sessions, old pain patterns and recent injuries can be significantly improved or brought to resolution. Structurally focused sessions are designed to address the your specific needs. Challenging and persistent issues which are not being fully addressed by of other approaches are a specialty of my practice.

A variety of clinical bodywork skills and somatically oriented functional movement education blend together during your session. Working in real time with awareness and integrative movement are critical components to restoring your body to full function. Your session is followed up with specific movement training to help you to integrate and reinforce the results on your own.

“Since 2010 Trevor has been an exceptional resource for my family. My work with him significantly improved my arm and nerve issues with expert care. His ability to pinpoint and alleviate pain, combined with his compassionate approach, has made a remarkable difference in my well-being. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Trevor’s professionalism, dedication, and healing touch.”
Chris Bensen
Creator World’s Largest Pi Cluster
Hakomi and other somatic therapy modalities can be drawn upon for working with emotional charge, physical trauma, and other significant personal elements which present themselves during the course of the session.

Single sessions are effective for maintenance, correcting minor functional issues and general well-being. Complex conditions and injuries are approached with a customized structural series.

Common Applications Include:

• Repetitive Stress Injuries
Chronic Pain Conditions

• Sport Related Injury
• Surgical Rehabilitation
• Physical Trauma

• Movement Dysfunction
• Connective Tissue Disorder