Professional Mentorship

The path to becoming a professional somatic guide has never been more accessible. A wide-range of certification and skill trainings have emerged almost overnight. Modern psychotherapy, somatic lineages of all variety, and coaching programs have opened themselves to sharing their wisdom as the demand for somatically oriented guide’s increases.

In 2010, my journey towards professional somatic work began. My time within various trainings has placed me in the role of client, student, mentee/mentor, trainer, and clinical supervisor. Since 2017, I have supported the training of somatic guide’s, offering long-term mentorships for a wide range of professions and applications of somatic work.

My instructing experience began in 2009 with Midline School of Integrated Bodywork. Since that time I have developed numerous professional trainings and publically accessible workshops focused on intersections of somatic skills. During this time, I have worked with a wide range of professionals in developing or advancing their careers.

Having an experienced mentor supporting your development is critical to deepening effectiveness in the unique role of somatic guide. Particularly, the first 3-5 years of work is laden with many personal and professional challenges. Whether just beginning down an education path, recently trained as a guide, or already engaged in the work, a professional mentor provides many essential services:

“I left my career as an Registered Nurse, and dove into the complex terrain of somatic healing. I took every training I could get my hands on. However, no training out there could make up for the dependable wise counsel that Trevor has offered me over the years. He has championed my capacities as a guide, helped me understand the lay of the land to orient myself toward different professional opportunities. He has been there for countless questions with depth of detail and nuance that is quite mind-blowing. His breadth of knowledge in the field of somatics is staggering as is his level of experience. He is still after all these years one of my top go-to mentors who I can ask ANYTHING and he will always have an inspiring answer for me.”
Leslie Grace R.N.
Psychedelic Guide
Professional mentorship is valuable for all varieties of somatic guides
    • Group ceremony and retreat leaders
    • Mental and medically licensed health care professionals
    • Bodywork and movement facilitators
    • Coaching and non-medical containers
Individualized skill development for deepening effectiveness:
  • Personalized support on navigating education paths
  • Building the set/setting and skills which best suite you
  • Somatic, touch, music, and other essential skills
  • Effective application and improving skills
  • Working within traditional and modern lineages
  • Utilizing ritual and ceremony
Clinical supervision for new and experienced practitioners:
    • Support in meeting challenges and strengthening your work
    • Therapeutic consultation for individual client’s
    • Navigating client relationships
    • Screening and other best practices
    • Safety and managing crisis situations
    • Ethics, power dynamics, and accountability
    • Managing business, licensure, and professional growth

Personal development for your unique role as somatic guide:

    • Working with transference and countertransference
    • Attending to your personal work in holding the role
    • Refining your unique offering and container
    • Ongoing individualized support in holding the guide role
    • Developing personal resourcing and managing burn out